SB 304 Background Information



During the August 2002 special session, SB19 created a committee to study the structure of the Montana State Fund.  The committee held three meetings in the fall of 2002, the results of which are contained in their Final Report. Reflecting the general consensus reached by the committee, SB153 was introduced during the 2003 regular session.  The bill missed the deadline for transmittal, and therefore was not acted upon.  The following background information from that study is being provided as requested by the SB304 committee.  You can view and/or print a copy of the handouts for each meeting conducted by clicking on the links provided below.


September 23, 2002

October 25, 2002
November 12, 2002


History of Workers’ Compensation Crisis in Montana State Fund
Frequently Asked Questions
Timeline of Funding regarding Montana State Fund
The Role of Surplus for an insurance company
What is surplus and why is it needed
Overview PowerPoint presentation
Survey of competitive state funds requested by the committee
         Summary and explanation of survey
Costs associated with administering the Old Fund
State agency requirements that would be retained
State agency requirements that would be eliminated
Legislative Prioritization requested by the committee


Competitive Market information
  Segment Analysis
  Segment Data


Final Report

Senate Bill 153 (Bill introduced to implement committee consensus recommendations)


For more information email or call Kathy Gowen at 800-332-6102 (ext 7759).