Handouts from September 22-23, 2003 Meeting



The following information was provided as handouts to the SB304 committee at the September 22-23, 2003 meeting. You can view and/or print a copy of the PowerPoint presentations for each item presented by clicking on the links provided below.


July 8, 2003 meeting of SB 304 committee

Montana State Fund Role and Functions
Market Segment Information
NCCI Presentation on Ratemaking
Overview of Montana State Fund Ratemaking Process
Tiered Rating Program
State agency pricing
Financial Condition of Old and New Fund
How loss reserves are established
Role of Surplus
Statistics on Efficiencies of Montana State Fund
Legislative Audit Division role and rate review
How to establish a value for Montana State Fund
Discussion of goals and objectives of SB19 study committee

For more information email Info@SB304.com or call Kathy Gowen at 800-332-6102 (ext 7759).